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A Simple Architecture for the Safety of Road Travel


The city road is going to be congested day by day and lot of accidents occur every day due to human errors, bad weather conditions, failure of mechanical parts or the problems in the road such as lane geometry, pavement etc. The main type of accident which causes severe damage is of head on type and it is mainly due to the negligence of the driver or the traffic system. Now the time has come to use some sensor networks to cope up with this type of situation. An IR sensor can help us to some extent in this regard. The main advantage of this is the simplicity, easy availability and low cost but as this type of sensor is of optical type so dust, humidity can cause problems to this type of sensor. This paper presents an efficient architecture to prevent head on collision on streets completely and others to some extent under some conditions. The use of this arrangement in car parking area is also described in this paper.

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