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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Can Pizza be Delivered by a Robot? #IJSRD

Watch a Drone Deliver a Pizza in Mumbai

Here's a video from a pizzeria in Mumbai that claims to have used an unmanned drone to deliver a pizza to a customer in a nearby high-rise building. According to the TelegraphFrancesco's Pizzeria used a four-rotor drone in the test-flight to deliver the pizza to a skyscraper about 1.5 km ( .93 miles) away. The pizzeria's chief executive, Mikhel Rajani, claims that the use of the drone beats traffic and cuts the delivery time from 30 minutes to 10 minutes. Rajani also believes that "air-borne" deliveries will be very normal in the next four years because "delivery using drones is not only economic but also eco-friendly."
Before Rajani can deploy a fleet of pizza drones, he's going to have to clear his actions with the police. According to the Economic Times, the pizzeria failed to notify the police about its pizza delivery tests. A spokesperson for the police notes they are "very sensitive" about anything that "flies in the sky with the help of a remote control" because of threats of possible terrorist attacks using unmanned drones.
Francesco's is not the first restaurant to try delivering food via drones, it isn't even the first pizzeria to try to do so. Back in 2013 Domino's alsotested a drone, which it dubbed the "domicopter," and it managed to deliver two large pizzas in ten minutes in a four mile radius. A sushi chain in London also experimented with "food delivery helicopters" while a champagne vendor used drones to deliver bottles of bubbly to a wine bar in the Swiss Alps.

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Monday, May 12, 2014

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